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MLM - Purpose - Podcast#001

MLM - Purpose - Podcast#001

Do you feel as if something is missing in your life. Maybe you want to make a bigger difference in the world than you feel you are but you aren't sure how so many of us walk through life feeling numb and desperate for a deeper connection but aren't sure how to get it.

I'm Rob Steinert your Guide host on this episode of men leading men. This show is about helping men of all ages find their life purpose. Appreciate generosity and live an empowered and fulfilled life with the flair of Christianity. And we're going to try to have a little fun while we're doing it. Now if you like what we're doing here I would really really appreciate it if you could leave a rating review. It's so important in helping others find the show. That's enough of that stuff. Let's get going. It's time for Men Leading Men.

A welcome back to men. Man this is Rob Steinert. And if you're all about finding your purpose, living an empowered and fulfilled life well you're in the right spot.

Welcome to our first show entitled purpose.

We're going to discuss our purpose and how to find yours. Our purpose as I mentioned earlier is not only to help men find their purpose but to assist them in living empowered and fulfilled lives. We do this by learning living and lecturing, as the men leading men group of members and followers we need to build ourselves up then build up others, our fellow brothers and especially the younger generations of men so many seem as if they are struggling to make sense of things.

I believe the only way to live a truly fulfilled life with a purpose is by having Jesus Christ as your savior. Now that doesn't mean that 100 percent of every show is going to be totally focused on that fact. Some shows may lean heavily that way while others may not even be a mention. I want to try very hard to reach Christian men and non Christian men alike. You see regardless of the group your in many of us struggle with those same issues. Our God is a God of fresh starts and new beginnings and that's what this podcast is about. From the morning sunrise to the changing seasons to the passing years. For some the prospect of fresh pain on a new canvas represents one of life's most welcome adventures. Another opportunity to be all God created is to be. So that we can do what he calls us to do or that you can be everything you want to become. It could be said that the two greatest days of your life are the day you are born and the day you learn what your purpose is. But if you don't know what your purpose is then you don't know why you're here. And it can be very hard to keep going and stay motivated if that's where you're at. What about those who aren't sure of their purpose in life. If you're among them, you understand the intimidation of a blank canvas.

Do you wonder what if I'm missing God's call in my life. How can I know his purpose for me. Those don't have Christ living in them still wrestle with finding, knowing and implementing the plan for their purpose. Now if you find yourself facing these questions today and there's no better time for answers not from my perspective. After all God created each of us individually with specific personal unique plan for our lives. The fact is I know this feeling all too well. I used to suffer inner turmoil while trying hard to find my purpose. I was in a job I hated, working in finance and suffocating from sitting behind a desk. I saw people come and go with smiles on their faces. I wanted what they had, infectious passion, thirsty love for life and an unyielding connection to their work. I struggled daily to figure out my purpose but it wasn't until I took a step back and realized that my purpose isn't figure outable. I thought to myself Maybe the problem isn't that I don't know what my purpose is. The problem is the way I'm trying to find my purpose. Now we can't think our way into life's passion and purpose we have to do our way in. And this means taking steps toward what you want and removing those things in your life that you don't want.

I left my successful finance job on a mission to find my purpose and it came by taking one step at a time and exploring many different passions. Ultimately it didn't happen for me until I totally and completely gave my life to Christ. Now if you're looking for your purpose and passion. Stop looking and start doing. These steps will help you to find your purpose and passion.

Number one get more action. You can't think your way into finding your life purpose you have to do your way into it. Take a mental note from Nike and just do it. The more we act the more we get clear on things so instead of overthinking it. Will this work out? Should I try that? What if I don't like it? What if I don't make money at it? Start taking steps toward your goals and start trying new things. This will help you get out of your own way. I struggled for years trying to find out what my purpose was and this cycle only created a deeper lack of clarity. It wasn't until I started doing that things changed for me. I began thinking of what I can do for others instead of what can I do for myself. I stopped making money my top priority. I started reading anything and everything I could get my hands on.

The experience is the reward. Clarity comes through the process of exploring. Action is where you get results.

Number two drop from your head to your heart. Now your heart is your best tool to access your true purpose and passion. Ask yourself what you enjoy.

Start taking steps to do what you enjoy. When you're inspired and connected to your happy self inspiration floods your heart and soul. Wh.en you lead from your heart. You are naturally more joyful and motivated to explore. By doing what you love you'll be inspired and gain insights into what brings you the most joy.

And finally break up with the one. Many of us struggle because you try to find that one thing that we're meant to do. Trying to find that one thing is a reason why we feel like something's missing. The notion that we have only one thing we're meant for limits us from fulfilling our greatness. Take me for example I have many different job titles. I'm a life coach, soon to be author, speaker, Mentor, Leader entrepreneur. And each thing I do brings me joy but none of these are my purpose. They are my passions. Start getting in touch with your passions. When you lead a passionate life you are living your life of purpose. Let go of thinking there's only one purpose for you and embrace the idea that our purpose in life is to love life fully by putting ourselves into our life. This means we jump in and try new things. We stop resisting the unknown. We fully engage in what is happening right here where we are to lead a purposeful life follow your passions. When we live a passion filled life we are living on purpose and that is the purpose of life. That feeling that something is missing goes away when you lead a passion filled life. The need to seek our purpose comes from lack of passion. When you don't feel connected to your life you lack purpose and passion. To fix this emptiness simply add more passion. To boil it down. Remember this simple equation. Passion plus daily action equals a purposeful life.

Consider that the real purpose of anyone's life is to be fully involved in living. Try to be present for the journey and fully embrace it. Soon you'll be on your way and you'll feel so purposeful and fulfilled you'll wonder how you ever lived life without it. Enjoy the journey into your own awesome life. Maybe you want to make a bigger difference in the world than you feel you are but you aren't sure how. So many of us walk through life feeling numb and desperate for a deeper connection but aren't sure how to get.

Notice first that in Ephisians 2:10 the apostle Paul says we are God's handiwork created in Jesus Christ to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do. God calls you to a purpose to do good works taylor made just for you.

And he gifts you with all you need to accomplish that purpose. Secondly remember God doesn't play games with your life. He wants you to reach your full potential and he provides the means for you to discover how. The Lord actually says. "I will instruct you and teach you in the ways you should go."

"I will counsel you with my loving eye on you." Psalm 32:8. Next receive the assurance he gives in Philippians 4:6-7. Do not be anxious about anything but an every situation by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your request to God and the peace of God which exceeds says all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. God will give you peace as you humbly ask for direction thanking him for all you've learned through the hard times.

Fourth as you yield your spiritual gifts to God He'll faithfully use them to accomplish his purpose for you. We all have different talents and abilities and we need to make sure our plans align with our aptitude. We have different gifts according to the grace given to each of us. Romans 12:6. And finally remember this, the wise listen to advice. Proverbs 12:15 Now God has placed people in your life to serve as wise guides, advisers and encouragers, tap of the reservoir of counsel and guidance and if you are unclear about Gods specific purpose for your life spend ample time asking him to reveal his plans for you. Write your answers to these questions. What is your passion? What has brought you great joy in your work? And how could you best serve others by fully using your God given gifts talents and skills? Ask God to prepare you to fulfill the purpose to which he has called you.

Your outlook on life is sure to soar as you achieve the unique purpose God has set for you and as you pray these additional steps will help you identify your specific God given purpose.

Number one evaluate which situations have brought you success or failure excitement or boredom, fruitfulness or frustration. God uses all our experiences, whether positive or negative to steer his children in the right direction. Many are the plans in a person's heart. But it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21.

Next look for doors of opportunity to obey God. to do what He has called you to do today.

If you are willing and obedient you will eat the good things of this land. Isaiah 1:19.

Next, wait for God's timing. Typically we want our marching orders, now. But sometimes, God is grooming us for better things, not yet in place. So he tells us to wait patiently, serve him faithfully, where we are currently. Wait for the Lord be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

Step four  define the essential goals that will help you achieve your purpose goals that are specific and reachable, not dependent on others for success, in line with God's will and designed with deadlines for completion.

The Bible says everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way. It would be hard for me to close without sharing one of my favorite scriptures.

I pray it will minister to you as you trust God to reveal his best for you. For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD plans to prosper you and not harm you plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11.

Now remember no one who has ever lived or is living now, or will ever live can accomplish your unique purpose. This is something only you can do, something only God can do through you.

Check out the website at And don't forget to join the Men Leading Men Facebook group.  And Oh yeah, if you're a mobile guy, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you for joining us on our inaugural episode. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. The next show I'll explain who I am. Give you my background. Promise,this will be the only show dedicated to me. I just feel it's important right out of the gate here at the very start for you to know and understand who I am. My hope is it'll help us relate. You'll see we're not all that much different. What I'm really excited to tell you about is our upcoming guests. We have a number of authors that have written on many different subjects very pertinent to man today. A previous politician, former pro ballplayer, pastors and the former administrator of the United States Fire Administration.

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